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Shrink sleeve labels

Shrink sleeve labels. This is a transparent foil that is printed on the reverse side and glued into a sleeve that is put on the product packaging and it adapts to the shape of the product by the effect of heat.

Shrink sleeve


Shrink sleeves are applied instead of labels on bottles, cans, flagons, drink cartons, etc. The advantage is a very favourable price / printed area ratio. They allow the entire surface of the packaging to be used to promote the product and to display the necessary information. The packaging may have an unusual shape, but the shrink sleeves adapt to this shape.

Shrink sleeves can also be used to "relabel" products, which can be used for one purpose in marketing events.



  • Transparent PVC film
  • Transparent PET foil


  • Individual sleeves
  • Sleeves in a roll
  • Possibility of perforation for partial or complete removal of sleeves (protection against uncontrolled opening of the product, competition, etc.)


Full-colour print + direct colours + underprint white

Dtto + embossing (gold or silver)

Dtto + printing with special colours (reflective, glowing under UV light, etc.)

Dtto + print legible from the reverse side (legible after removing the sleeve from the product packaging ... games, etc.)

Dtto + painting effect (e.g. matt)

Variable data printing (each sleeve can be different ... a significant or small change in graphics)

We use software to support the change of graphics ... an easy solution. Packaging the same products in sleeves with variable graphics increases the marketability of the product

Why choose shrink sleeves?

We supply high and low volumes for limited editions and seasonal production.

Thanks to the unique HP “Pack Ready” technology, we make deliveries in the shortest possible time.

We help our customers to achieve higher sales thanks to high quality and the use of special printing effects.

Almost 30 years of experience combined with our know-how guarantee trouble-free packaging of your products.

We reduce the risk of inventory shrinkage thanks to rapid supplies of prints on request.

Get your original packaging

  • We will recommend appropriate size and material
  • We will create a graphic design
  • Usage of the most adequate printing technology

Your product in our packaging will get attention of all customers.