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Flexible packaging

We produce and print packaging films in rolls for use in packaging machines. At the end of 2018, we will also produce ready-to-fill bags.

Flexible packaging


We supply both conventional and ecological packaging film.

The materials used, dimensions, printing, surface treatment, etc., are always realised according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

We print packaging materials using flexo-graphic printing technology or on the HP 20000 digital printing press with widths up to 720 mm.

Digital technology enables efficient printing of small jobs (up to approx. 5,000 m) and jobs with variable graphics (different motifs or motifs with a small change in the graphics of the mosaic program can be alternated).


Materials and utilisation

Paper + PE (polyethylene)

  • e.g. packaging of sugar, some spices, etc.


    protects against moisture!


Paper + Al + PE (aluminium and polyethylene)

  • spices, instant soups, sauces, creams, etc.


    high degree of protection!


Paper+ propyl-ester 

  • high degree of protection!
  • replacement of the variant with Al foil PP (polypropylene ... packaging of biscuits, etc., protects against moisture)

PE (polyethylene ... packaging of frozen vegetables, etc.)

  • PET + Al + PE (high degree of protection ... spices, etc. ... used with interlayer printing) 

  • PP + PE
  • BOPP + castPP
  • Other combinations possible


In a roll with printing on the face layer with the option of varnishing or lamination. The surface treatment is carried out to protect the contents of the bag and also to separate the coloured printed layer from the surrounding environment.

In a roll with printing between each layer.


in CMYK colours, direct colours, reflective, metalworking, etc. 

possibility to print variable graphics in a roll (increases sales significantly). Example: identical gingerbread cookies are packed in a wrapping machine in packaging with ever-changing graphics, e.g., ever-changing pictures of animals.

Products packed in this way are equally represented in the bulk package (in a box).


Why choose flexible packaging?

We supply high and low volumes for limited editions and seasonal production.

Thanks to the unique HP “Pack Ready” technology, we make deliveries in the shortest possible time.

We help our customers to achieve higher sales thanks to high quality and the use of special printing effects.

Almost 30 years of experience combined with our know-how guarantee trouble-free packaging of your products.

We reduce the risk of inventory shrinkage thanks to rapid supplies of prints on request.

Get your original packaging

  • We will recommend appropriate size and material
  • We will create a graphic design
  • Usage of the most adequate printing technology

Your product in our packaging will get attention of all customers.