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Martin Peroutka Ltd., graphic-arts production, 
Třinecká 674, 
273 43 Buštěhrad

N 50° 9′ 26″, E 14° 10′ 22″

The company headquarters (sales office, production and warehouse premises) are located on the outskirts of the town of Buštěhrad, near Kladno. From Kladno you can reach us by car in five minutes on road No. 551, from Prague-Ruzyně in about ten minutes – first on the motorway towards Slany (Chomutov) and then again on road No. 551.

In Buštěhrad, the most prominent landmark on your way to us is the tall water reservoir on the western edge of the town. You can't miss it on the way along road No. 551, as it is practically on the edge of the road. The road from the water reservoir to the Martin Peroutka company premises is equipped with navigation signs.


+420 312 250 011-6
+420 312 250 772

GSM gate:
+420 602 168 033
+420 724 368 426

Company Registration Number:
475 34 907

VAT Identification No.:

Commercial Register

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