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Other products

Tags, paper tubes, posters




Parking tickets are delivered folded in special boxes to parking machines according to the customer's specifications.

Tickets are delivered folded or in rolls made according to the customer's specifications. Updated data is usually reprinted at the time of ticket sale

We deliver tags individually or in a roll or folded or on a strip with guiding perforations. We produce tags for farmers and gardeners from tear-resistant, durable material printed with colours resistant to outdoor conditions (UV radiation, etc.).

Paper tubes, tubes, large tubes

Paper tubes, tubes and large tubes are produced by coiled carton technology. The tubes are of different lengths (10-5,000 mm), different internal diameters (17.5-150 mm) and different wall thicknesses (3-15 mm). The outer surface and the inner surface of the tube can be printed (e.g. your logo, etc.). We also supply plastic caps for the tubes.

Paper tubes (cores) are used for winding various materials – textile, paper, foil, self-adhesive tapes, self-adhesive labels, packaging materials, etc. The tubes can have any internal printing.

Paper tubes with caps are used, e.g., as protective packaging for drawings, posters, spare parts, etc. Tubes can be externally printed, labelled, etc.

Paper tubes also have special applications, e.g., in the construction industry "lost in concrete", for the production of thermo-probes for measuring the temperature of liquid steel, for transporting heavy objects (under-slung rollers), for furniture production (shelving), etc.

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Tag materials

  • Cardboard
  • Thermal cardboard for the possibility of reprinting additional information
  • PET foil
  • Special foils, e.g., for ski passes
  • Tyvek

Materials of paper tubes

  • Paper boards of various weights
  • Speciality paper for tubes
  • Paper for surface finish


Design of tags

  • Rolls
  • Zigzag folds (packed in special boxes)
  • Individually
  • Band with guiding perforations

Cut-out of tags

  • Perforations, e.g., for a control snippet
  • Special cut-out for data reprint managemen


Graphics of tags

Possibility of double-sided printing ... CMYK, direct colours

Ditto + possibility of embossing in metals

Dtto + special safety colours

Print of variable graphics

Personalisation, numbering, etc.


Graphics of printed tubes

CMYK+ direct colours



Why choose our products?

We supply high and low volumes for limited editions and seasonal production.

Thanks to the unique HP “Pack Ready” technology, we make deliveries in the shortest possible time.

We help our customers to achieve higher sales thanks to high quality and the use of special printing effects.

Almost 30 years of experience combined with our know-how guarantee trouble-free packaging of your products.

We reduce the risk of inventory shrinkage thanks to rapid supplies of prints on request.

Get your original packaging

  • We will recommend appropriate size and material
  • We will create a graphic design
  • Usage of the most adequate printing technology

Your product in our packaging will get attention of all customers.